A view of life

A view of life

Every time I am out in the streets to photograph, or I am in the studio to take portraits, for me, it is more than just taking an image.

It is an invitation. People invite me to have a deep look into their life and soul. I think it is a passion, to bring these emotions into a photograph. This is also what separates a guy with a camera from a photographer.

A photograph should always transport an emotion. The viewer of my photographs should be able to take part in this particular moment of time. We cannot freeze time. Life is always going forward, but a photograph can bring us back to that feeling of the moment.

This photo was taken in the summer of 2017. I was on a walk in the streets of Prague and enjoyed the sun. These kids were playing with the waiter. I was fascinated by their joy of the moment. It was one of the days that after a long summer you remember.


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